About Giffin Engineering

As a small firm, our relationships with our clients are more personal than you might find with a larger company. We understand the various challenges that arise in a small town and we’re here to help.

Because of the strategic partnerships and the broad experience of our Principal,  Judd R. Giffin, Giffin Engineering has the ability to offer a full service engineering firm to its municipal clients.  Since 1990, Judd has been providing services to the public sector specializing in Transportation, Municipal, Structural, Land Development, Consulting and Construction Planning, and Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP) Grants.

Giffin Engineering is committed to working with you to facilitate results for any size project.  Our experience and knowledge base allows our team “hands-on” approach to generate the best possible solution to your municipal engineering needs.  Our focus is in preventing and solving your problems for a fair and reasonable fee, while remaining on budget and on time.

Giffin Engineering has a vast knowledge of municipal projects and has an excellent understanding of the limited budgets of the communities it serves.  We also understand the importance of even the smallest projects within rural communities.  We would make every effort to make the project as smooth and “uneventful” as possible, in order to keep public relations in good standing.

Giffin Engineering currently holds $1,000,000.00 of Errors and Omissions Insurance.  We have never had a claim against our policy.  If a specific project requires higher insurance levels, we have the ability to increase our coverage or include other entities.