Data Management

Our data management services aim to simplify your documents. It’s all too easy for city plans to be misplaced, destroyed, or thrown out. It can also be difficult to acquire additional copies from firms that are no longer in business.

There are essentially two levels of data management that we offer. The first level has a cost of $4.00 per scanned sheet. We can scan plans, documents, and drawings up to 40 inches wide. These sheets are then organized and electronically stored on a program called Dropbox. Dropbox is accessible to you anytime, from anywhere. The layout is very similar to the files stored on your computer. Copies of your scanned files can be downloaded off of Dropbox and onto your computer, phone, or tablet. (You can also download the program to your device and it will automatically synchronize and update your files.) The storage is free up to 10 gigabytes, and is $1.00 per additional gigabyte per month. Typical users don’t exceed 10 gigabytes.



The second level involves everything mentioned above, plus mapping. Your current city plans (water lines, sanitary sewer lines, etc.) are plotted on a map of your municipality. Each category can be turned on and off (we call them layers). By combining plans onto one map, all of your pertinent information is in one place, and this allows you to work more efficiently in the field. Additional details, pictures, documents, and scans can be added to your map. This cost is $60.00 per month, plus the initial scanning cost ($4.00 per sheet). If we are your city engineer, the photos and field notes taken during your projects are also included in this price.

These services are offered separately from our engineering services. (We do NOT need to be your city engineer for you to take advantage of this.) Do you know where all of your plan sheets are? Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything in one place? Feel free to contact us with any questions!