Giffin Engineering Design/ Construction Services

Involvement In Water Projects, From Water Treatment Plants To Distribution Systems and Storage, Is At The Heart of Giffin Engineering.

Helping Communities To Provide Quality Water To Their Residents Using The Best Available Technologies To Meet Budgetary Demands Is Our Focus.


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Dealing With Wastewater Is An Issue For All Communities And One That Giffin Engineering Has Spent Considerable Time Exploring The Best Options For Handling For A Number of Communities.


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Damage Due To Storm Water Can Cost A Community A Significant Amount of Money.

We, At Giffin Engineering, Take Pride In Providing Solutions To Prevent This Damage and Protect A Community’s Finances.


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Through Experience and Relationships Developed During His Six Years Working For The Illinois Department of Transportation and The Past 25 Years In The Engineering Field, Judd Giffin Assists Clients With Transportation Related Projects from Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) Programs For Municipalities to Entrance Permits For Businesses and Home Owners. In Addition To Our Experience, We Have a Working Relationship with Hutchison Engineering to Provide Assistance When Necessary.


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Giffin Engineering Provides a Fresh Perspective Into Land Development Through Judd Giffin’s Own Experience As a Developer In a Small Community, In Addition to His 25 Years of Experience Performing Engineering Services For a Wide Range of Developments, From Large Commercial, Such As The Super Walmart in East Peoria, To a Small Residential Subdivision in Hanna City.



While Giffin Engineering Is Not a Licensed Structural Engineering Company, We Have a Significant Amount of Experience In This Area. We Have Established Key Relationships With Other Firms, Such As Fehr-Graham and ATSE to Provide Support For Projects That Require These Professional Services.

NHI-National Highway Institute Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges 2009.



The CDAP Program Is A Grant Sponsored Program That Assists Illinois Communities By Providing Grants To Local Governments To Help Them In Financing Economic Development Projects, Public Facilities, and Housing Rehabilitation. The Public Infrastructure Program Is A Component of CDAP (Community Development Assistance Program) Which Funds Water and Sanitary Improvements. Project Areas Must Be Primarily Residential In Character. Note: Communities May Only Apply For Funds Under One Component of CDAP Per Year. Development/Grants/CDAP.htm

The typical rural municipality relies on one or two people to be familiar with the infrastructure of the entire town. The immense knowledge that these individuals carry is extremely valuable and irreplaceable. But what happens when these individuals are gone? Or want to go on vacation? When something goes wrong, what do you do? You may have to dig through years of plan sheets to find that one drawing that’s going to solve your problem. But wouldn’t it be more effective to have a cumulative map that illustrates your entire system?

That is the exact service that we offer. You’ll never have to dig through stacks of plans again. Think about how much time you could save if your city plans were at your fingertips.